Winter Solitude: A Washington Sunset

This is my masterpiece of the week. It’s from last Sunday’s drive and was taken overlooking the Columbia river just off Manilla Creek Road. (Here’s the coordinates on the map). You can click the picture for a bigger view.

I did this with two, three shot HDR images of the scene stitched together as a panorama. The view  was amazing. We stopped here earlier in the day, so I knew it had potential. We moved on, but at sunset came back for the shoot.

I actually tried a few different perspectives. First I used the normal viewpoint where people stop to snap pictures. Since I needed more than just a quickie. I looked around and decided to climb the bank and gain the rockface that was behind. That higher view worked even better and that’s the result you see here.

Below is a cool shot Sondra snapped of me while I was up there shooting. It’s fun to see myself in action. If you look closely you’ll see my white Under Armor Cold Gear hat keeping me warm and creative… Gav

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2 Responses to Winter Solitude: A Washington Sunset

  1. frank says:

    Hey! Great shot!

  2. Wow great landscape shot.

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