What Lies Beyond?

What Lies Beyond is up to you. I like this stark scene is because it can be serene, mysterious or even creepy depending on where your own imagination takes you. I tried this many ways (simplicity can be hard to decide on) but settled on this ultra simple wide composition because it just felt right. I like a scene that leaves storytelling to your own imagination and while it may do little for some, I think there are others who will enjoy the sense the mystery.

These trees can be found throughout Central Washington, as their used to break the wind. It was a foggy morning and took advantage of it using a my 70-200 set at length and making a final image devoid of other distractions with some cleanup in the post process. Many know my work for bold details or color, but sometimes to like to take simplicity and bold composition to extremes and this fit right in with my recent study on monochrome. This will be added to my signature collection and made s at least a thirty in wall piece… Gavin

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4 Responses to What Lies Beyond?

  1. Richard says:

    It makes me think of a dream since in most dreams (mine anyway) the images seem a bit distant and lack a certain detail just like this picture. I like it! Nice work.

  2. Constance Terry says:

    I think it is a stunning image. So glad you went with this shot rather than the one with the figure. Very well done!

  3. matt shumate says:

    I love this photo Gavin. Completely different than my style but that’s probably why I enjoy looking at it so much.

  4. Jason Vandehey says:

    Beautiful picture.
    I have only seen a handful of mostly white images, and this one is one of the best.

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