The Whispering Barn:

The Whispering Barn - 2009, Gavin Seim. Central WA.

I’ve driven by this old barn a hundred times. It’s a few miles down St. Andrews RD, above Coulee City. It always caught my eye, standing resolute and solitary. But I didn’t finally photograph it till spring of 2009. I’m glad I did because shortly after the view was completely altered, with new fences and other work in front of the barn. It was a peaceful place, silent as the sun set over the farmlands and the light sank down behind distant hills.

Release Details: Prints Currently available… Contact Gavin for details.
24×40 inch signature canvas limited edition  |||  24 inch open edition print.

For Photographers…I used a multi bracket HDR method, then spent some time editing it to get this look. After the initial dynamic range render I used some of my actions. I believe I mixed the Orton’s Spice effect from Hollywood 2 actions (a variation of Michael Orton’s effect devised back in the film days). I also worked the colors a bit using the Pastel effect from Creative Essentials actions and I believe I gave some extra tonal depth using a light application of the Angel effect.

Just as important however was taking the time for details. I did a lot of subtle work on this. Painting out clutter in the grass, working the sky to make it look it’s best. I added some additional red to the wood of the barn, and of course I worked the burn and dodge. When people see this on a large canvas they often think it’s a painting. I’m OK with that and happy how it turned out. It shows the drama of this great old barn at sunset, while seeming to whisper a little of days gone by. Hence the title, Whispering Barn… Gavin

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