As did painters of the Renaissance and beyond, Gavin crafts wall art. In many ways he does not differentiate the painting from the photograph or the pictorial from the portrait. He feels all should be made with care and subtlety. Whether a brush, silver or a sensor, it’s not the tool used to make an image, so much as the end result which coneys the detail and emotion of the subject.

People and scenes from across America. Gavin’s work is influenced by Renaissance masters like Rembrandt, early American painters of the Hudson River School and renowned 20th century masters such as Ken Whitmire, Arnold Newman or Sargent. Gavin’s seeks to tell the story behind each subject as he masters his finished works as fine wall prints.

Gavin at the Seattle art museum, studying the master painters of portraits and pictorial works.

Gavin cut his teeth on film and got into sensors as he grew up in a quickly changing industry. As time went on, Gavin started to study deeper. With the help of mentors, history and practice, Gavin forged a style that focuses on refined wordless beauty.

In time Gavin returned to the roots of photographics. Blending the use of large format and film with his extensive digital experience. Using the two together to master greater detail and care in his images. Gavin’s technique has grown into one of planning before making an image. Whether a grand landscape or a family portrait, Gavin takes the time to understand his subject, his light and what’s desired from the photograph. Even at times when moments are fleeting, he works to visualize and see into the image before he releases the shutter. Part is what produces his distinctive refined style.

Gavin also designs photo tools for photographers, giving him a deeper insight into color, tone and digital techniques. This together with the fact that he takes each project slow, developing, making prints, mounting, presenting and approaching each project as a custom furnishing, helps Gavin produce the spectacular images clients want in their homes.

Gavin’s core technique is one of care and refinement – It’s easy to take pictures, but it’s not easy to hang photographs. When Gavin gets behind the camera it’s all about the light, the subject and how those two can perfectly marry without clutter or distraction to produce an image that sings and dances in the final print. he is known for studying and teaching these techniques from his many articles and workshops and his films EXposed and PHOTOGRAPHICS.

Color & Silver

Gavin loves the understated beauty of black and white as well as the subtle nuances of color. His color images are usually finished as traditional heirloom print on canvas pieces. Timeless inĀ  both texture and quality, they quickly become the centerpiece of a room.

Gavin’s silver images on finely mounted art paper prints that showcase the detail and tone of the medium. He utilizes techniques inspired by history and seeks to convey the majesty of light in beautiful line and tone.

Gavin’s techniques merge seamlessly with his love of line, tone, craft and art. In making finished works influenced by the masters. Carefully planned works of art made to stand the test of time and become the most important and emotional furniture in your home.

Gavin working at White Sands new Mexico.