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Final Embers – A Pastel Sunset at Mount Nebo

We camped for a few days up on the Nebo Loop, enjoying the late Fall color and the crisp sunny weather. On this particular night I had a plan for the mountain, but the sun did not do what I … Continue reading

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King Over the Thistles – White Sands New Mexico

Out here in white sands there’s not much for water or trees. So when you stand this tall, alone in the white, snow-like drifts of sand, you get to look down on the landscape. King of the shrubs, thistles and … Continue reading

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Winters End – Solder Summit Utah

What a beautiful place to spend the morning with my son. It was mid April and in the mountains of Utah there were still dotted with snow. We camped off Sheep Creek Road the previous night and I went out … Continue reading

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Song of a Dreary Day – Mount Rainier National Park

We headed up the mountain towards sunset. Me and a group of photographers were out camping that weekend… Continue reading

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Stars of Coldest Night

It made at the Snoqualmie Pass summit around midnight in mid January. The mountains were alive from the moon, which is out of frame on the right, and the lights from an active ski slope directly behind the giant snow … Continue reading

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