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The Second Coming of Film – A Story About Light

It was Spring of 1968. Motor Trend had just crowned the GTO car of the year, Eddie Adams just made one of the most iconic images in history and in a few months the Detroit Tigers would win the World Series. Honeywell Pentax was telling us they made “fine photography easy.” and the Polaroid swinger was happily swinging off shelves. Continue reading

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Photo Couch Podcast #28 – Take a Breath

Photo Couch Podcast #28 MP3 In Big Bend NP once again, Gavin is working in the field and musing about how much we can gain by stopping, taking a breath and thinking about our scene before we release the shutter. … Continue reading

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The Six Keys of Photographic Image Quality.

Gavin Seim (updated 09/11): Good editing starts in the camera as you visualize and plan an image. The better you start, the more effective your post production tools will become. Some time back I discovered astounding quality of large format … Continue reading

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