Photo Couch Podcast #29 – White Sand Lights

Photo Couch Podcast #29 MP3

Gavin is trudging thru the huge dunes of White Sands National Monument, discussing the odd light that he found there and looking at being prepared for whatever the light gives you.

Blue Seim Dunes White Sands Gavin Seim 725x388 Photo Couch Podcast #29   White Sand Lights

Blue Suede Dunes - Gavin image from sunset. Click image for full post.


photo couch Photo Couch Podcast #29   White Sand Lights

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Photo Couch is the companion podcast of Gavin’s f164 project. Sort of an audio journal. Nothing fancy here. Just short musings, tips, and thoughts on photography. You can listen below, or subscribe for free and get all the latest episodes. If you want more, you can also check out Gavin’s full podcast, Pro Photo Show.



ad ex slim gav Photo Couch Podcast #29   White Sand Lights

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