The Last Dance – Yosemite NP


Amazing Sunset Yosemite National park

As the sun sets on an old year, lets remember the best of sunsets — Here’s a brand new release from this Fall in Yosemite National Park. What color that night and a great reminder that there’s another sunrise just around the corner. The last vestages of light were there and gone, but the next morning dawned bright and colorful once again. This was one one of the best skies I’ve seen all year, these stunning bands of color adding magical to a beautiful place.

Here’s to 2014 everyone — Gav

Release details: Prints Available.. Order Open Edition originals above.. Master prints and Signature Limited Editions are listed below and can be ordered by contacting gallery.

Released prints….

For Photographers. How it was made…

Technical Notes: Canon MK2, 70-200 2.6L @130mm, f11, 1/13, ISO160, Induro Tripod
Lightroom 4, Seim Effects tools

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