Here I stand On Top of the World (reference photo).

You can find this spot at coordinates: 37.267000, -113.176000 (view on map)

I am in awe. Tonight’s campsite is high on the Smith Mesa area overlooking Zion National Park. I believe this is the most amazing view I’ve seen in my life. You have to be here to feel the scope of it. We’re camped just a few yards from this bluff right now. No one else around, a silent expanse of dessert fading far below under watching stars.

This is just a iPhone reference photo I took as we set up camp, not a final. It was followed by a stunning sunset and I’ve made various compositions as the light changed. Is there any way to present this and fully show it’s beauty? I think probably not. With a place this amazing it’s hard to show it’s full beauty. Hoping I can nail this one… Gav

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