The Name’s Thoth. He’s My New Printer.

My new printer arrived this week and is all setup. This is my Canon IPF8300 and his name is Thoth. He prints on roll mediums up to 44 inches wide and based on my tests so far is astounding. The prints are flawless. Not just color prints either, but perfectly toned black and whites.Those of you that know me, know how much I love black and white.

Thoth runs a 12 color Lucia ink set, has 30,720 ink nozzles and lays down a 4 Picoliter drop size (four trillionths of a Liter) . He wights in at about 315 lbs and produces a 16×24 print in around five minutes.

I’ll still be presenting mounted images, offering metals and presenting on traditional canvas of course, but this machine will open up new areas of exploration and growth and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. As for naming. Sure a printer can be a She, just like a ship. But this hulk? Well I felt the masculine side was more fitting. Besides my camera is already a she.

Oh and in the background is the Ultra Limited signature release from Stars of Coldest Night. That’s a 30×65 classic canvas. It is for sale, so get in touch 😉 Gav

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6 Responses to The Name’s Thoth. He’s My New Printer.

  1. Landon says:

    Enjoy the behemoth! A friend of mine just added one to his arsenal this year too. I love my iPF5100 and this beast should server you well!

  2. That thing kinda looks like a coffin, and probably weighs more than one!

  3. Wes Weber says:

    Gavin….This thing looks like a tanning bed! I’ve been considering doing my own printing (canvas) because I really want to control the quality. I might have to look into this one.

  4. My goodness Gavin!!! That printer makes my Epson look like child’s play. Well the best of luck with that bad boy. Cause ounce you get that puppy fine tuned and cranking out prints. You will be utterly amazed by how much control you really do have..Take care and looking forward to the new podcast.

  5. Have you done a breakdown cost on printing.?
    How many prints do you have to make to justify the cost of buying the printer over having a lab do the work?

    • Gavin Seim says:

      Mark I justify the printer just in the way it enhances my creativity and flexibility. There’s nothing like it. That said, it is cheaper and in time it will pay for itself. I figure it costs about $1.00sf for ink. Then there’s paper of course.

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