f164. My new Journal.

Gavin SeimWelcome to f164. It’s been a long time coming and represents more than just a photo blog. It’s my fine art portfolio, but also the journal of my photographic travels, studies and experience. One of the first things you’ll notice are the giant images in posts. This site is all about photography and I decided to show it as best I could. Nothing beats a fine print in person, but that does not mean the internet has to show tiny pathetic images. This is a site, for which I have put design and beauty over commercial assets such as ads. This is my journal, my place to talk about what I learn, what I did right, what I did wrong, or anything in between.

If you simple enjoy art, browse around because nearly every page has something. If you’re a photographer, watch further in my posts for in depth articles on technique, as I write about my experiences. Visit this page for a more detailed look at what f164 is all about and why if not your everyday photo blog. You’ll also notice some posts prior to this one. These were art related posts imported from my other spaces and updated with fresh large images and more. Going forward you’ll see fresh content and images like the first official photo entry, Silver Waves of Grain. Hope you enjoy… Gav

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