Evening Sigh | A Perfect Yellowstone Sunset

Evening Sigh Yellostion National Park - Seim


This new release is one from our Summer trip. It’s one of about 6 new images I’ll be releasing this year and one of it’s my favorite spots in Yellowstone where the geyser always flows and the color is amazing. This one is going to look great in the gallery and does justice to this beautiful place. The master original will be around 60 inches.

How it was made:

I waited for the light and was able to capture the sun filtered from behind the geysers flow in a slow 10 second exposure for a stunning single frame image that posses stunning dynamic range. I used the MK2 for this image at ISO 160. Post production had to be careful to maintain the full range of color and light and keep banding out of the subtle gradients. I took my time at every step.

— Seim

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