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The American Pictorials Project – Year 5 of 10

by Gavin Seim: It’s now year 5 of a 10 year plan to build my American Pictorialist brand one day at a time. I thought I was setting out to take photos. Turns out there was much more I was after. … Continue reading

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Gavin Seim on Wet Scanning 4×5 Film Using His Epson V700.

  Those of you that follow my work know that I love working with 4×5 large format film. I still use digital, but 4×5 scans blow it away in terms of detail for my wall prints. More about why I … Continue reading

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Photo Couch Podcast 31 | Throwback. Olympus 35RC Rangefiner

  Gavin Seim takes a peek at the legendary Olympus 35RC. An amazing compact rangefinder that comes at a great price tag. It’s our first PC video podcasts. Excuse the audio quality. — Photo Couch Podcast #31, Direct Link. _____ … Continue reading

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It was towards the end of our Winter 2012 your. More like Spring as it was late already early May. But we were still on the road and winding thru the nearly deserted back country of Oregon towards home. These … Continue reading

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The Night How Bright – A Night Exposure Study Image.

An image study for photographers. Star trails, turning night to day, midnight landscapes. There is amazing image potential for the photographer willing to do their homework and pre-plan setups to take those grand steps into the dark of night. This … Continue reading

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