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Sunset at the Celestial City – Grosvenor Arch, Utah

Grand Staircase is a secret hideaway of Utah – A grand place beyond most National Parks in beauty, in remoteness and in a wild hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. There is another wonder to behold with each new curve of it’s bumpy … Continue reading

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The Lost Oasis – Big Bend National Park, Film Collection

Warm memories, adventure and hints of times gone past. It took me awhile to finish this one because I liked it too much to do it quickly. This old store sits in the middle of the desert a few minutes … Continue reading

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Gavin Seim on Wet Scanning 4×5 Film Using His Epson V700.

  Those of you that follow my work know that I love working with 4×5 large format film. I still use digital, but 4×5 scans blow it away in terms of detail for my wall prints. More about why I … Continue reading

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The Second Coming of Film – A Story About Light

It was Spring of 1968. Motor Trend had just crowned the GTO car of the year, Eddie Adams just made one of the most iconic images in history and in a few months the Detroit Tigers would win the World Series. Honeywell Pentax was telling us they made “fine photography easy.” and the Polaroid swinger was happily swinging off shelves. Continue reading

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Winters End – Solder Summit Utah

What a beautiful place to spend the morning with my son. It was mid April and in the mountains of Utah there were still dotted with snow. We camped off Sheep Creek Road the previous night and I went out … Continue reading

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