Bridge Of Memories, 1st Place Icicle Prize 2009:

This is a shot I took last fall of the old bridge spanning the Wenatchee river near Leavenworth WA. On Saturday it won the Icicle Prize 1st place color and peoples choice award. It took home $2000 in prize money.

I’d like to give a big thanks to a great local photographer, Julie Waites, who told me about this contest. I’m told the judges were unanimous and I’m excited and humbled that is did do well.

This is an HDR image taken with my Canon 30D. Such a cool old bridge. Here’s some history about it. Prints can be found in my canvas store.

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2 Responses to Bridge Of Memories, 1st Place Icicle Prize 2009:

  1. Julie Waites says:

    Now you can add Award Winning Photographer to the beginning of your name Gavin.
    Award Winning Photographer Gavin Seim has a great ring to it!!! I saw that you won
    When I picked up a copy of Venu Mag last week. I was so excited you won but not the least bit
    Surprised Ü Congratulations!!!

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