Awsome Power

This is a shot I took at sunrise overlooking Coulee City, WA.  I like shooting photography that blends the awesome power of nature with man’s technological strides.

High tension power lines always fascinate me.  Think of the sheer size and how many of these steel monsters stretch across the land bringing us energy.  Yet for all the power we can produce, this steel beast still looks small against the amazing power of God’s creation!


Aswome Power by Gavin Seim

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2 Responses to Awsome Power

  1. Very cool photo and really nice site!

  2. Sarah says:

    Amen, it is so awesome to see God’s power displayed in creation. I love the lines in a song by Joel P. West that put it so well.
    “The sunset is a fraction of Your beauty,
    The thunder is a whisper of Your voice…
    The ocean holds a power that would crumble in Your grip,
    We are humbled.
    We are honored to know You at all…”

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