Another Month on the Road. Spring 2011.

We’ve been on the road about two weeks and are about halfway through our Spring trip. Heading to CA first, I taught a few workshops, and now we’re moving out of CA and headed for more landscapes and adventures. We plan to head into AZ now and visit the Grand Canyon. We’re trying to avoid campgrounds and get out in the boondocks as much as possible.

CA has been a tough State. Really beautiful, but sometimes frustrating. The State, County, and National land tends to be outrageously priced (don’t get me going), and it’s sometimes hard to find the free boondocking areas that are prevalent in many other States.

We carry a MiFi with us so we can keep the business running, research and mark locations, find the best gas prices, etc. Apps like All Stays Camp & RV, Gas Book, Right Here, and Geotag Photos Pro are invaluable.

I’ve also started experimenting with a 4×5 view camera for the resolution it can give me in larger prints. Learning what it can do is quite an experience. I’m being very conservative with frames, but in the right situation, I think it will be amazing. It sure feels good to use. As long as you’re not in a hurry.

Of course, I’m still capturing digital images. I think, in the future, both film and digital will have a place in my work at the initial captureĀ . They both have strong advantages in various situations. It’s become a good learning experience as I study 4×5 technique.

Stay tuned for some new pieces as we move along. If you want to see more frequent updates, you can get those on my facebook page


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2 Responses to Another Month on the Road. Spring 2011.

  1. Nicholas Laszewski says:

    It so strange how you are moving back in Technology. Most older photographers are moving out of film all together. And into digital. And then there are truest like you. That are coming out of the digital age back to analog. I went to school for photography. And came the other way from film to digital. Yes I shot 4×5 and 120 and 35mm. And spent hours in the Darkroom. It is out my system right now. But glad I went threw it. And glad your going threw the experience also. Your out there in the wilderness with a camera older then your father. No battery just gears and winders. Looking threw the eye peace and squinting into the distance. Adjusting and adjusting making hand held meter readings. Then back to adjusting and one more final adjustment. And then the moment click….And now the anticipation of the developed image…Not right away no chimping but the wait. Man that is all it’s about and glad your finding the true Zen of photography. Ok peace out and happy travels.

    • Gavin Seim says:

      It’s pretty sweet Nicholas. I’m going the direction that of moving back gives me an edge I will. In resolution, 4×5 certainly does. Plan to forgo the darkroom for now and I a digital darkroom guy and do mt own printing, but I’m excited.

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