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Photo Couch Podcast #23. The 111 Project.

Photo Couch Podcast #23 MP3 Chatting about things I learned by slowing down. Then talking about the 111 photo project. _____ Subscribe in iTunes – Direct Podcast Feed – Facebook Page Photo Couch is the companion podcast of Gavin’s f164 … Continue reading

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Trilogy of the Surf.

The Pacific Ocean mesmerized me as we drove, trailer in tow, along Route 1 this Spring. It’s so vast, an endless expanse peeking through the passing trees. I spotted a large pull-off along the winding highway, so we stopped for … Continue reading

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The Siren of Lake Chelan – Working Underwater.

Water. Once we sink below the surface of its shimmering waves, we enter a foreign world of untold beauty. A silent land of bending light, murky depths, and unknown dangers… Whew, did that sound enough like a nature show for … Continue reading

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The River Fork… A Look at Sensor Noise and Heat.

This is for you photographers. It’s an 8 minute exposure I did just after sunset on the river. I processed it with the Velvius preset from Power Workflow3. It’s not a stunning image and that’s not why I posted it. … Continue reading

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